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Mustang II coil-over front crossmember kit


Mustang II coil-over front crossmember kit, 56'' track width [WS21906]. This is a Mustang II kit for conventional coil-overs instead of stock-type springs and shocks. This lets you use different spring rates and maintain the same ride height by adjusting the lower spring collar on the coil-over. Often the coil-over shock has an adjustable rebound rate, too. Use coil-overs that have a ride height of 11-1/2 - 12''. Use Mustang II tubular upper arms and Mustang II tubular lowers designed for coil-overs and no strut rod. This 56'' width is used in Fords and Chevs up to 1948 and many other vehicles.These kits are designed to lower a frame. Additional work might be required to keep a frame at the stock ride height. This unique kit has laser-cut slits that let you fold the crossmember pieces by hand. The rack mounts are part of the crossmember plate and can be folded using an adjustable wrench for extra leverage. Anti-dive is built into the upper bracket. Parts included:Listed by Description, Part #, Quantity Required. Upper arm plate, flat, 21901, 2. Coil-over plate, 21902, 4. Spacer, 238215, 4. Crossmember plate, front & bottom, 14373, 1. Crossmember plate, rear & top, 14375, 1. Boxing plate for crossmember, 14306, 2. Bolt, 1/2-20 x 5, HC-184, 2. Nut, 1/2-20 thin nylok, 178-039, 2. Washer, 1/2 SAE, 656-048, 4. Assembly & installation sheets