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My Dad's Hot Rods

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1969 Camaro & 1955 Chevy Bel Air
June 16, 2010
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My dad's hot rods were stolen out of the garage during the early morning Wednesday 6/16/10. The camaro is street, show car, tubbed, with a hood scoop as tall as the car. The hood is off the camaro in the pictures but when it is on, it is VERY distinguishable. It's as high as the roof! A 8" cowl induction with a pro mod scoop on top of that. Even if it's a different color you couldn't ignore that part.

55 is tubbed also, interior is gutted but the dash is a royal blue. Both have motors with blowers/superchargers. Both cars are tubbed out with tires 18" wide on each side. Pro-street style. The picture of the 55 was taken before the tubbs.


Cars were in Jonesboro, GA at my moms house. 55 was in the driveway and Camaro was in the garage. They moved there Escalade to the other side of the street, snatched the 55, busted a panel out of the garage, broke in and pulled the camaro out. We think they were taken with a repo / snatch truck considering how and where things were done. The cars would be moved on a rollback wrecker, trailer, or with the repo truck. They wouldn't be driving them.

My dad passed away 2 months ago so this weekend was going to be hard this has just made it worse! He had left the cars to me and my sister. They are worth about $80k+ but the sentimental value outweighs that substantially. HAPPY to pay a sizeable reward for any information leading to the recovery.

Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated! Put out the word, put up a picture, whatever you can do please. They could be in TX by now but the internet travels pretty far too! Could have changed colors.

They also took a car trailer. Not a normal trailer, it is a tilt trailer. No ramps, the entire bed tilts down and you drive the car up on it. It was black. Had a distinguishable crease/dent on the lip of it where someone tried to load a forklift on it once. I'm hoping they are careless with the trailer and leave it out somewhere to lead us to them...that's all I got right now is hope...

Please Print and Post this Flyer Everywhere.


Any Information Leading To The Recovery Will Be Rewarded!

Please Contact Nikki:
[email protected]

Or Call Police