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"Our Friend Billy Moore"

.....a nice story from Carrie Rahm about a friend of theirs and his cars.



Hi Everyone!
     I want to talk about a very good friend who has helped us so much in our little collection of cars.
     Billy Moore and his lovely wife, Donna, own three great customs.  My personal favorite is Earth Angel, but his '64 Ford Convertible is the only one out of the three that has ever won an award!!! High School Drop Out is his last addition, he just finished it about 5 years ago, and out of the three, this one is the fastest of all, any wonder?! It sports a Caddie engine!!! So does Earth Angel, but who would want to race something that looks oh so fine?
     Billy is a Southwestern General in the Kustom Kemps of America. We met Billy thru an old friend of mine that I met dragging the main street of Wichita, when I was 16 years old, that was 40 years ago, Billy is Jim's cousin. We first met Billy at the Last Run car show in Arkansas City, a show we have attended for about the last 15 years or so. Four years ago, Billy led us to our first project, a 1961 Buick LeSabre, he knew Mike was looking for a '62 Chevy Bel Air, the last bubble-top ever made, but we were having absolutely no luck. So when Billy heard about the '61, he passed that on to Mike.  The '61 was very rough, but we bought it for two reasons, #1 it's a very rare car, and #2 he fell in love with the car the minute he saw it, bubble-top and all.  That took a lot of insight on Mike's part, that Buick was sitting on its belly in a three-sided barn, covered with barn dust and other animal waste!!! Once we got the car home, Billy came over every time he was in town to see what Mike had done, and has been very supportive of all that Mike has managed to do.  Last spring, Mike found our '66 Catalina, and we “surprised” Billy on the 4th of July by driving it to a car show in his home town.  It was Billy's turn to fall in love!!!  He is now looking for a mid '60's Pontiac for his wife Donna.  If anyone out there knows where we can find a mid '60's Pontiac 4-door hardtop that runs good but needs some cosmetic work, let us know. We really want to pay him back for helping us like he has with our cars.
     Here are Billy's cars!!!  I hope all of you like them as well as we do. Mike & Carrie Rahm!



Back view of low show car Supreme!!!

Back view of low show car Supreme!!!


High School Drop Out!!!

One Summer Night!!!


That was really great!!! That's all folks!!!
We hope you all enjoyed the pics!!!
SPECIAL THANKS to Mike & Carrie for
taking and sending in these WONDERFUL
pics to share with everyone!!!