Power Door Lock "How-to" by Juliano's

Power Door Lock “How-to”  by  Juliano's
The power door lock kit comes with all the hardware you'll need to make the installation quick and very simple. This particular installation was done on a 1951 Ford wagon. We used this model to give you a better view of the installation. It is not necessary to dismantle the door completely as seen in these photos. Normally, removal of the interior panel is all that's necessary. After you remove the panel it's a good idea to spend a little time to understand the mechanics of the lock assembly. To do this, grab hold of the original lock rod (the threaded rod that the button screws to) and move the actuator up and down. Note which parts are moving and their length of travel. Then, the first step is to locate a mounting area for the power lock rod. Do not remove any of the original assembly, it has to stay intact in order for the power unit to work properly.
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The power lock rod can be mounted directly to the original lock rod as shown here in photo #1   or directly to the lock rod actuator lever as shown in photo #2. For this installation we chose to go directly to the lever.
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For this type of application a hole (the diameter of the power lock rod-retaining clip) in the lever next to rhe original lock rod has to be drilled.  If this area is not accessible the lock assembly will have to be removed.  Then drill the hole, insert the retaining clip and reinstall the assmbly.  no other work has to be done to the lock assembly itself.   With the lock assembly back in, connect the power lock-rod to it and to one of the power actuators. Now the next part is very important. Push the original lock button down and make sure the power actuator is also in the down position (you can install the power actuator with its lever in the up position, but make sure the original lock-rod is also in the up position). The two levers have to work together in the same position.
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Holding the power actuator lever in its fully closed position (with the original lock-rod down too), move it from side to side to find a nice flat mounting area. Hold the power actuator firmly in that area, and move the power lock-rod up and down. It must work freely with a decisive snap going from the locked to the unlocked position. In order to obtain this unobstructed operation it may be necessary to bend the power lock-rod. Keep in mind this will also raise the power actuator position. Work with these combinations to find an area to permanently mount the power actuator. Then go ahead and mark the location for the mounting screws (hold the power actuator on the outside of the doorframe to get a more accurate measurement), drill the two holes and bolt the power actuator in place.
Run the wire harness (provided in the kit) into the door and plug it into the bottom of the power actuator. Keep the wires out of the way of moving parts and wire-tie them to the doorframe. Finally, before you put the interior panel back on, power-up the unit (make sure your battery is up to snuff) and try it a few times leaving it in the unlocked position (you don't want to lock yourself out)! Find a convenient and unobstructed location for the rocker switch, and you have just completed another step in modernization.
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