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Powertrain Control Solutions Paddle Shifter with Display

The paddle shifter is designed to provide paddle shifting capability with the look and feel of an OEM system. The paddle shifter is installed behind any aftermarket 5 or 6 bolt steering wheel. Wiring installation is easy as well. The paddle unit communicates wirelessly to a receiver module and it connects to the transmission controller using a two pin connector.

The paddle shifter display allows the driver to view all of the items listed below.

· Current Gear
· Throttle Position
· Vehicle Speed
· Manifold Pressure
· Coolant Temperature
· Transmission Temperature
· TCC Lockup %
· Line Pressure %
· Engine RPM / 10
· Torque Converter Slip
· Transmission Slip
· Driveshaft RPM / 10
· Turbine RPM / 10
· Lever Position

One item is visible at a time. The small button on the back of the display cycles through all the viewable items. The display shows the current gear for a few seconds when a shift is commanded.

The paddle shifter can not be used on any airbag equipped car. This product is for off-road use only.


Powertrain Control Solutions, LLC. was founded in April, 2003 to design and manufacture electronic control systems for vehicular powertrain systems. We focus on engineering the highest quality control systems at low cost. Our unique approach combines hard work and experience to deliver excellent products with superb support. Our experience has taught us that it is extremely important to deliver reliable, thoroughly tested and well documented products for the automotive consumer market. This common sense approach is sometimes lost to the interest for greater sales by the management of other companies in our industry. We believe that long term growth and profitability comes from a strong foundation of reliable, well supported products rather than marketing flash. We test every electronic part manufactured by PCS rigorously and will proudly stand behind our products.

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