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Pro Clamp™ Spin-On Header Connector From Juliano’s

Juliano’s new Pro Clamp™ exhaust-to-header coupling is an all-new system that uses a tapered seat for a positive seal ––with no gaskets required. And with no gaskets to burn out, it’s a permanent seal until you unscrew the threaded collar to disassemble it.  Just spin it on, and spin it off. A truly revolutionary exhaust connection system, Pro Clamp™ relies on two 304 stainless steel components that are drawn tightly together by a threaded collar rather than traditional bolt-together flanges. When you tighten the collar, the two sections become seated to form a permanent, gas-tight seal that can’t leak or burn out. The Juliano’s Pro Clamp™ header connector is available in all the popular sizes. The stainless steel fittings require welding to your collectors and exhaust pipes, and they work with either plain steel or stainless exhaust systems. In addition, Pro Clamp™ connectors are available for the entire exhaust system, from front to rear.