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Roadster Trails


Roadster Trails

By Ward Jones
Westchester Street Rod Association


Now that the 27 days of Sprunging are over the Westchester boys and men are getting serious with their cars.  Charlie Parinello took time to share a little about last Friday.

Most drag strips in the area have offered racers the opportunity to have a “rental day” at the respective tracks. On April 18, such a day was set up by some local racers in New Jersey. There is no competition on these days, just the opportunity to test and tune race cars and get out some of the bugs. The limited attendance also makes it easier to get in test runs without all the usual race day traffic in the staging lanes.

Charlie Parinello and his ‘71 Nova was one of the local racers in on a rental day at Island Dragway in New Jersey and he asked Johnny “D” if he would like to attend with his ‘64 Plymouth. 

The weather was a beautiful 75 plus degrees and the racers got their cars ready to “test and tune”.

The “air” wasn’t the best and most of the 18 participants were off a little in their horsepower and elapsed time numbers. Johnny D. seemed to be chasing down what might be some ignition glitches, but ran well getting in as many test runs as possible. Charlie, with his Nova, on the other hand, usually running fairly well, was there to try different launching techniques and was put on the trailer early when his so called “bullet proof” billet fuel pump decided to give up the ghost.

All in all, there were no serious problems and all the attendees enjoyed the day and are looking for the next one...Charlie Parinello

Friday night in our back field by the foot bridge a coyote took down a good sized deer, an incredible site to see.  Jackie and I walked out to survey the scene and looked over at the pond to see a snake with a large frog leg in its mouth. It was a struggle for the frog and in the end he lost.  This morning we had fourteen turkeys strolling the field with males displaying and strutting to impress the females.  There is nothing left of the deer carcass. The only evidence left is a six foot circle of deer hair. The tiny black fly knats arrived so Spring must be here.

Saturday’s breakfast was held in the working area of the Benedict garage as Fred was in Florida this week. Joe D. brought in a box of coffee along with his scrumptious apple filled pastry. The group was duly entertained by that Silver Lake legend and stand up comic Fred DeSanto.

If you have been working with some of the late model starters and noticed the stud to hold the battery cable is a little short to hold  many more wires, try this tip from Herb. Take a piece of ½” copper tube approximately 1-1/2” long. Clean it well and squeeze it in your vice to make a flat bar. Next, drill a hole at each end.  One to fit the starter stud and the other to fit a stud preferably a copper or brass stud that you can silver solder to insure good conductivity. Now you should have enough space on the starter stud to clamp the battery cable and your new extender piece.  This will now allow you to connect your alternator lead and other lines that may require 12 volts.

Les sent his ‘39 to the trim shop and hopes to get it back early next week.

Walter has been driving the wheels off his ‘33 Willys. You would be hard pressed to find a more enthusiastic hot rodder than this guy. He also told me he has fired up the engine on the ‘33 Willys drag car that he is restoring.

Two weeks until Rhinebeck and three weeks to inspection day.

See you on the road, Ward 

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