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The NSRA Fellow Pages...

Early in January each year, the members of the National Street Rod Association® (NSRA) are given the opportunity to have their name and phone number listed in the NSRA Fellow Pages so that should fellow rodders be in his or her neighborhood and need assistance, they will have someone they know will come to their aid as close as the nearest telephone. That's why the NSRA Fellow Pages work, and that's why it works so's rodders helping rodders, and that's a proven, unbeatable formula.


A Big Thanks to Carl Lundquist and Randy Herrick Of Topeka, Kansas for Helping a Fellow Rodder!!!

Copy of IMG_12981a   I was traveling from Denver in my 48 ford with my buddy Frank in his 40 Chevy for the Louisville show. 50 miles west of Topeka Kansas we stopped for fuel and both of us noticed the front suspension in my 48 ford was sitting unusually low but thought the car might be sitting in a low spot. The suspension is an AirRide Technologies (shockwave) system sitting on "Fat Man" narrowed A-Frames for a 77 Camaro subframe

Pulling out of the station, attempting to turn left onto the freeway ramp the left tire was rubbing on the left fender and I could not make the left turn. I checked the air pressure in the system, which was fine and looked under the front of the car and found the problem. The shockwave cylinder had broken through the A-frame and snapped off the mounting pin on the cylinder and pushed it's way through the lower a-frame to within an inch or two of the ground.

NSRA publishes a booklet with volunteers throughout the United States for people who might be able to help fellow rodders in times of need. I looked and found only 1 entry for Topeka. His name is Carl Lundquist and I gave him a call. Luckily he answered the phone right away and I identified myself and told him of my dilema. Carl immediately offered assistance and stated he had a truck and a trailer and would come and get me. I told him I could probably make it to Topeka and asked if he knew someone there that might be able to help me.

He gave me the name and number of Randy Herrick of Reliable Car Shop and I gave him a call. This was around 3pm. I explained the problem to Randy and he advised he might be able to help me out but he was closing at 5:30 and might not be able to do anything for me until morning. I told Randy I could probably make it in before he closed. I manuvered the car onto the freeway ramp and headed East and managed to make it to Randy's shop around 430. He took the car in immediately and put it on his lift and verified the problem.

Randy told me he knew a machinist that might be able to make me a new pin, and his welder could probably straighten and repair the bottom of the a-frame but had no idea whether the machinist could make the part in a timely manner. He let me borrow his computer and I got the number of AirRide and called them. AirRide had the new pin for the shockwave and they overnighted the part to the shop for delivery the next morning at 10:30.

We made reservations and spent the night in Topeka.

Next morning on returning to the shop at 10:30 the part had arrived and Randy's mechanic was working on the A-Frame. A short time later the shop welder brought the a-frame to me and showed where he had straightened it, welded up the cracks and reinforced the whole surface with a 1/4" plate and cut it to match the stock opening. Randy told me they were going to paint it and let it dry while his welder went to lunch and would get it back together on his return. Frank and I visited a local museum across the street and came back an hour later and the car was complete and sitting outside.

I got my checkbook and went in the office and Randy met me inside. Randy gave me some literature that came from Airride with the part. I asked him how much the bill was and he looked at me and responded "nothing".

I told him I didn't expect that but he insisted, indicating he had been in that position before and wanted to do that for me. I told him I didn't know there were people like that left in the world and expressed my sincere gratitude.

Randy and his wife Amy Rose were special people who care about people, and Carl Lundquist was willing to do whatever he could to solve my problem. They are typical of the wonderful class of people we find in our automotive circles.  My sincere gratitude,  Dan Bellows

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