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Southtown Streetrods Build Article

Yogi Snider of Southtown Streetrods e-mailed to let us know he was building a really cool '37 Ford Coast to Coast car and that the customer came from our website.  So we were excited when he offered to send us pictures of the build-up.  We know you will enjoy seeing how the "Pros" do it!  We will be adding to the article as Yogi progresses, so keep checking back.

It looks as though the bady arrived from Coast  to Coast in very nice condition.  When building a fiberglass car it's really a big help if the quality of the body is nice to start with so that there isn't too much work to finish.

The body package, all of the mold flashing has been removed and the rear fenders installed.

The front end parts and the metal nose piece inner structure has been installed.  These parts are only clamped as the mounting location will be determined byt the fit of the front end assembly.  At the time the frame will be drilled and  tapped for permanent attachment.

Shot of the fit of the rear fenders

Front end with the Coast to Coast polished stainless grill and Vintique headlights installed.

If you look closely, you can see the I ran a DA sander along the door edges to get a feel for the match of the doors to the body.

Pic of the hood after installation. If you look at the rear of the hood you can see the work that has been done to get it to transition to the door correctly.

Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together right at the beginning is necessary because it tells you how things are lining up.  It also gives you some idea of what steps will have to be taken to get everthing properly aligned as the car is put together.

The new Hagger flush mount 9" tear drop tail lights.  I really like these units!

The dash installed; the builder must cut and fit it into the body.  Also required is the building and installation of the dash mounting brackets.

The dash with the guages and dash panel installed.  The guages are the new Wings Series by Stewart Warner.  The dash panel is a new unit made but Genunine Hot Rod Parts.  These parts are FIRST class stuff!

The SSBC disc brake set up on the Ford 9" rear end.

The rear axle assembly back under the car after it had the shock 4 bar mounts welded on it was also: sandblasted, disassembly checked and fitted with new bearings seals and gaskets.

Shots of the refinement of the fit of the dash and the "A" pillar covers.

Shots of the refinement of the fit of the dash and the "A" pillar covers.

Shot of the 0 to COOL radiator installed.

Shot if the headlight for refinement.

A shot of some body work to get everything fitting well.

Shows the VISION mirror installed... nice units.

Shows the Lambert Flush mount 3rd brake light installed.

Many people don't realize that when you build a car with a fiberglass body there is always a certain amount of work that needs to be done to the body in order to make it smooth and to make everything fit so that it looks good when painted. That's why some bodies are better than others... the amount of finish work required can really add to the cost of your rod and can make a big difference in not only how it looks when finished but in how it rides and holds together.

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Shot of the vintique healight bucket in the process of being modified for the wheel/tire clearance.

Here it is cut out.

Headlight bucket after the TIG welding in new piece of sheet metal and a little body work.

A different angle.

Vintage Air front runner and related components bolted on.


There will be inner panels made for the engine compartment  so all of these items need to be in place prior to making the panels.

Same but another view.

Same thing, different view!

Shot of the steering linkage mock up.

More of the same!

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Well this is all for now!! Yogi will send us more as her progresses on the '37 Ford Coast to Coast car!!!  So keep checking back!!


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