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Spring Load - Spring Rate - Load Rate by Eaton Spring

Spring Rate - Spring Load - Load Rate
From Eaton Detroit Spring, Inc

The most mis-understood and the most mis-applied spring terms

What you are about to read is the gospel and anyone who says otherwise is a know-it-all who knows nothing.

(all disagreements can be sent to Mike, 3rd generation spring maker with nearly 30 years experience, all ridiculous arguments will be listened to)

RATE - Half the difference between the loads 1-inch above and 1-inch below a specified position. Or put an easier way, it is the amount of weight required to deflect a spring 1-inch. The lower the rate, the softer the spring.

LOAD - The amount of weight on the spring.

LOAD RATE - The amount of weight a spring is designed to be supporting at a certain height. Load Rate and Rate are not interchangeable terms.

Now let's put what you just learned to use.

A spring which is designed with a free arch of 6-inches and a loaded height of 1.25 inches when supporting 600 lbs would have a Load Rate of 600 lbs. and a Rate of 126 lbs.

6 inches free height minus 1.25 inches loaded height = 4.75 inches of deflection 600 lbs. divided by 4.75 inches of deflection = 126 lb rate


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