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Tech Line Coatings introduces BRILLIANCE TM

Tired of polishing? The solution is brilliant!

Tech Line Coatings introduces BRILLIANCE TM , it’s newest, miracle chemical formulation! This new Appearance Coating system allows the user to create brilliant colored effects that enhance the appearance of the coated part or surface. It will adhere to metal, wood, plastic, painted surfaces* and glass.  The easy to clean surface created is color stable and has excellent resistance to most chemicals, solvents, oils and fuel. It also handles temperatures above 500F. It’s easy to apply too! Light even coats with an airbrush does it. Apply over any highly reflective surface such as; Chrome, Chromed Plastic, Polished Aluminum, Polished Cermakrome, or even Polished Stainless Steel. Simply wipe the part down with a mild cleaner such as alcohol and spray the coating on. These brilliant coatings are available in Red, Blue, Gold, Black, Copper and Clear (CilGen LTC) with more to come. Available in retail packaging - Now available for Coat-it-Yourself enthusiasts as well as for Professional Application facilities. Professional Applicators will also be able to purchase the base clear and the individual colored ingredients allowing the Applicator to blend colors for a variety of tones and shades. Tech Line Coatings was established to bring the advantages of aerospace coating technology to the automotive aftermarket. Rather than use existing coatings, Tech Line has modified and created new formulas specifically for today’s hi-performance vehicles. A rigorous lab and track testing program is in place to insure that our coatings meet or exceed all necessary standards. In addition to BRILLIANCE TM Appearance Coatings, Tech Line Coatings, Inc., the industry experts in Thin Film Technology, offers a full range of exhaust system, pistons, bearings, valves and cylinder head protective coatings. For more information on BRILLIANCE TM Appearance Coatings Call: 972/775-6130 Or visit our website