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Things to do with a Bracket ... several tips from Welder Series

Things  To Do With a Bracket”    Tips from  Welder Series

NEWS:  I've ordered clamshell packages for all our little gussets, tubes, spacers, and small kits like hairpin axle brackets, U bolt kits, U bolt eliminator kits, adjuster kits, etc.  This will make it much easier to display Welder Series product on pegboard.   Keep some gussets in stock so they're always ready when you need them!  I will also be making some multi-piece packages so you can buy a quantity of small parts at a time with one easy part number.

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Life for this little tab started out as part #12911 brake pedal pad bracket.  I basically used it because it's stainless and it has a 3/8" hole.    It makes a great semi hidden tab to hold the fuel line to the back of the head.

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Grant Schwartz of Schwartz Welding used #20492 frame mounts for his custom tranny mount

I used a few exhaust brackets (part #21348) to mount the bench seat in the '32.  The front mount uses full height brackets, but for the rear brackets I bent them to allow the rear to sit lower
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Rear Bracket

This is the front bracket... I made use of the tabs that were already on the Wise Guys seat. I welded the two vertical brackets to a plate that bolts to the floor


Welder Series has many really nice bracket and kits Check out their website for details on all of their parts.

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