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Titus Brothers Kustom Kar Enthusiasts

This is an article from the founders of the KKOA Kustom Car Club "Titus Brothers Kustom Kar Enthusiasts"....


Titus Brothers Kustom Kar Enthusiasts

Pictures from Eldon Titus

June 13, 2005

Titus Brothers Kustom Kar Enthusiasts

Back in 1967, when kustomizing was all but dead and buried someone must have forgotten to tell the Titus Brothers, Jerry and Elden the news. Or maybe it was that they simply weren't interested in listening for it was during this gap in Kustom history when they began cranking out Kustoms of their own, one right after the other---and haven't stopped yet! The Titus Bros. have dedicated their lives to this unique American art form, with their credo being "ONE HUNDRED-PERCENT PURE KUSTOMS". Their penchant for crisp, clean lines, combined with cutting-edge design, has always shown in their creations too. Trying not to be repetitious Elden is always going in different directions with his design thoughts, creating "Entertainment in Architecture". He puts great emphasis on PROFILE IS EVERYTHING. His latest creation the "Voodoo Spider" a modern day show rod is a perfect example of his way of thinking. Featuring never seen before automobile design taken from a model Jerry and Elden built in 1963.

Jerry promoted his first outdoor event in 1979. The Merc/Deuce reunion in Kansas City, MO. Two years later in 1981 he started Kustom Kemps of America and produced the first Leadsled Spectacular in Wichita, Kansas a outdoor car show just for Kustom Kars. He single handedly fought all the odds and brought Kustom Kars back into today's mainstream. It's because of Jerry that all the beautiful customs are being built today. Jerry and Elden would enjoy you visiting their web site frequently for updated pictures and materials showing the past and updating you on the latest projects and events.

Explanation of pictures

Hey gang, the 2005 "Voodoo Spider" t-shirts are here, fantastic art work by M. K. John and Fruit of the Loom beefy T, s makes for a perfect combination of long lasting extremely Kool apparel to wear at all happening events. Be the first on your block to own one, just $15.00 plus shipping. E-mail me at [email protected] to put in your order. We start this segment off with me welding the 1/2" solid steel rod solid so it doesn't shift or move. Pictures four, five, and six show different angles of front end layout. By building the model first you have something to compare to so all your proportions come out right. Gary and I changed a bunch of things until it looked just like the model. That way there no what was he thinking when he designed that. The 3/4 front and side shots shows that the Vampyre is starting the get look. The over view shows what goes into laying out a complete front-end and the fun part is matching the other side. I had one guy e-mail me and told me that the engine sits to high, he didn't realize that I had not laid out the hood and the area around the motor. How do you like the popcorn popper sitting on top of the engine? Finally Gary and I felling good about our hard days work, right now we have about thirty hour in the show rod.

nuPicture20457   nuPicture20314-W

2005 Voodoo T-Shirt Design


Vampyre Concept Model

nuPicture0187   nuPicture20197

Welding 1/2 Rod Structure


3/4 Front End

nuPicture20199   nuPicture20200

3/4 rear shot of Front End


Head on Front

nuPicture20210   nuPicture20196

3/4 Full View


3/4 Side View

nuPicture20213   nuPicture20217

Overview of Front End


Style Line Studio
Titus - Meyers


Up and Coming Events

Coming in July 29-31 in Salina, Kansas the largest all Kustom Kar event in the USA. The Lead Sled Spectacular sponsored by Kustom Kemps of America. For information 417-847-29

Coming in August 12-14 in Fort Smith, Arkansas the 17th annual KKOA Hangin Dice Nationals. 

Coming in September 9-10 in Jamesville, Wisconsin the first annual KKOA Kustom Nationals. 

Coming in September 30-October 1 in Solvang, California the first annual Krusin Kustom Nationals.

For contact email [email protected] or [email protected]



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