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Welder Series Rear Coil Over/ Shock Brackets

We called these new brackets “rear coil over/ shock brackets” because they’re great at mounting coilovers or shocks to your rear axle. It’s a handy name. On the other hand, my name says nothing about me. “DW” isn’t even a word. What was I talking about?

Made from 3/16″? folded steel, these brackets are available individually or as part of a coilover bracket kit. As a coil over bracket, they include a 1″? x 1″? steel block that gets welded inside the bracket to support the coil over bolt.

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 As labor is usually a large part of the cost of any project, the more labor you can provide yourself, the less dollars the project will cost. The unique idea behind Welder Series ready-to-weld kits is that if you can weld, you can make professional quality kits using our parts. Everything comes in the box except the welding. Assembly sheets show and tell how the kit components go together and installation sheets show how to position the part in your project. Our parts are also available completely welded. DW Horton welds parts in-house, to maintain high quality standards. Every Welder Series kit is welded by the same person…