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Covercraft Introduces DashMat Ford Official Licensed Products

Pauls Valley, Okla. - Covercraft is proud to introduce Ford Official Licensed Products to its popular DashMat line. The Ford OLP products provide a slection of 11 logo designs that have been added to an impressive collection of DashMat personalization options.

"Customization with our new DashMat Ford OLP's allows you to express your own personal style while protecting your dash fromsun, heat, and wear and tear," said Mark Korros, CEO of Covercraft. "The OLP logo designs will be offered in white or black thread depending upon the design selected, along with several classic Ford logos in full color."

Ford OLP logo designs are available for all DashMat products. DashMat products have been protecting dashboards since 1979. The full line of DashMat products includes the original DashMat, VelourMat™, SuedeMat™, UltiMat®, and Ltd. Edition® DashMat. Original manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and each carries the earth-friendly EcoFi® designation.

DashMat and UltiMat carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty. VelourMat, SuedeMat, and Ltd. Edition DashMat carry a two-year Limited Warranty. Visit soon for more information.

Call Covercraft at 1-800-4COVERS