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E-Stopp's Success Shows No Sign of Braking

Photos: Courtesy of E-Stopp

If you've built or modified a hot rod in the past few years, you've probably heard of E-Stopp. The innovative push button emergency brake won the 2012 NSRA new safety product of the year, and works with any kind of brake system that can accept an e-brake cable.  We chatted with Jonathan Mill, founder of E-Stopp, who recently won the 2013 SEMA Launch Pad award acknowledging a promising young entrepreneur. We asked Jonathan about the last few years, and what's next for E-Stopp.

Your product has been getting lots of great press this year. What sets it apart from other products?
EPB's (electronic parking brakes) have been around for a while, just never a viable aftermarket version. I think E-Stopp sets itself apart due to its quality, ease of use and price point. We hold a few patented features on it as well. All of the press has just been wonderful. I owe that to our customers, the guys that are reading this article right now. Within the custom car world, word travels fast. Whether your product is good or bad, people will know quickly and that can make or break a company.

What was your inspiration for E-Stopp?
We were first inspired to make the E-Stopp for the mobility industry but through our development stage quickly realized its potential for the hot rod and classic car market. So we re-designed it making it more aesthetically pleasing to cater to both industries.

How did you develop and then distribute the product?
My father-in-law, Larry Goodman, and I came up with a good game plan in the beginning. We hired all the right engineers to help us create a quality product. Once we were on the market a few months we soaked up as much advice from the end users as possible and continued to refine the E-Stopp. Around that same time we were recommended by an NSRA official to go after a product of the year award. We won the best new safety product of 2012. That helped to get the right distributors in place for the custom car market.

What’s new about E-Stopp this year?
This year we have our new Remote E-Stopp that allows you to set your brake from afar. Great for extra security. Also, we have our commercial truck version and a drifting system that are going to be showcased at the 2014 SEMA Show.

What has been the most interesting part of developing this product?
The most interesting part has been the installs. We leave that up to the shops and they have come up with some very innovative ways to adapt the E-Stopp. They've mounted them in trunks, under the seats in the cab, and even used a pulley system because they mounted it directly above the wheel. One guy put one on the front and rear brakes so his car can't be towed without his permission.

What do you recommend using E-Stopp for? What type of vehicle and situation? What type of user has responded best to it?
The beauty of the E-Stopp is you can use it for any vehicle. From a minivan to a Riddler Award-winning vehicle. Our response has been great across the board. The mobility industry is happy to have an affordable option and the custom guys love the anti-theft use. With our new commercial truck version, the vehicle list will be endless.

What has been your favorite application of E-Stopp (a vehicle, an innovative usage, etc)?
We built a car with Welderup in Las Vegas for a new show on Discovery Channel. It is a full electric conversion of a 28 Buick, to promote EPB's. It is one of the coolest vehicles I have seen let alone be a part of. It has an E-Stopp installed right on the center console to show it off. The whole vehicle is just a bucket of awesomeness. It even has electric chairs for the driver and passenger seats.

How have things changed for you, and for E-Stopp, with the publicity and accolades you’ve received?
With the recent win of the SEMA Launch Pad I have been fueled with more passion for what I do than ever. There is a lack of young enthusiasts in this industry and I see an opportunity for myself to help draw in more. Though I am not a particular fan of the limelight, I'm hoping it will help launch E-Stopp to a point were it allows me to produce more products and projects I have ideas for.

What’s next for E-Stopp?
I would like E-Stopp to eventually have the "Kleenex effect". You know how people say "pass me a Kleenex" instead of tissue. I hope that they will be asking "Does that car have an E-Stopp?" as oppose to "Does that car have a push button emergency brake?"

The electric '28 Buick built with Welderup and displayed at E-Stopp's booth at the 2013 SEMA show.



EStopp - is the AWARD Winning new product shown at NSRA Lousville. The E-Stopp replaces your existing hand, pedal or lever brake and mounts conveniently under your vehicles carriage. The E-Stopp attaches directly to your current E-Brake cable and has a micro-computer that regulates the proper amount of pressure to your braking system. 

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