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Eaton Detroit Springs 1963 to 1982 Corvette

1963 to 1982 Corvette


There are many aftermarket Corvette Leaf Springs availalble, but only EATON Detroit Spring offers springs that are nearly 100% correct.

We only use SAE5160 High Alloy Spring Steel in the manufacturing of all our Corvette Leaf Springs. But due to the reduction of available steel sizes we have to make a few slight changes. The thickness's of each leaf have been adjusted to sizes the steel mills now produce. Way back when, the mills would produce quantities as low as 5 tons of a size. Today over 20 tons of a size is the bare minimum of a size they will produce. And that is a lot of Corvette springs.

While the overall thickness of the spring have slightly increased, the fit, feel, function and performance of the springs are unchanged. The free arch have been lowered a bit from the factory specs in order to maintain stock ride height.

So you can apply the finish of your choice, our Corvette Leaf Springs come bare metal

Each spring includes full length liners between the leaves

Best of all, the end of the leaves are as close to OE as possible


1953 - 1982 Corvette Application Guide

We offer a full line of Leaf Springs, Coil Springs, Attaching Hardware, Edelbrock Shocks and QA1 Shocks for all our applications. Stock ride height, as well as up to 3 Inches lift or lowering is available for most applications.

Our springs are built with the correct SAE 5160 steel, from our library of over 24,000 OE Blueprints. High quality application-correct suspension components are our only business. Let us show you how the proper suspension can give you the ride height and ride quality you are looking for.

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EATON Detroit Spring has been the only source for the correct leaf springs and coil springs for your vehicle, since 1937; because we have Over 24,000 Original Manufacturers Spring Blueprints ; An in-house design staff; Over 166,000 stock leaf spring & coil spring applications; Over 70 years of leaf & coil spring manufacturing experience; Custom leaf & coil spring manufacturing ability; A full line of Attaching Hardware and Shocks. No other spring manufacturer has been chosen by Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company as authorized producers of authentic replacement springs. The over 70 years experience of Leaf and Coil Spring Manufacturing at Eaton Detroit Spring says "experts and quality" - just what you want in your ride

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