Grand National Roadster Show
San Mateo, CA
January 17-19, 2003
Pics by "Cat" Meredith

     Hey gang...ya missed me???  This ccccold weather and snow in Cincinnati, almost has me in hibernation!! 
Jack & Maryann gave me the ULTIMATE assignment!!  "Hey Kitty Cat...Wanna go and cover the Grand National Roadster Show in San Mateo, CA???"  Huh??? Who me???  Uhhh...yeah!!  I've wanted to go to that show since I was a kid!!
     So, Dianna and I packed up and hit San Mateo, on Thursday afternoon.  First off...A BIG thank you to Jack and Maryann for letting us cover this show! We have plenty of show coverage for you!  Dan Cyr and his wife were great hosts.  They have such great shows that I wish we could cover them all. 
     We got to the airport in Cincinnati and we thought for sure the flight would be canceled because the weather was so bad!  Snow, snow, more snow and bitter cold...17degrees.  But the plane took off and in 4 hours and 30 minutes we were sitting at the airport in San Francisco...and 65 degrees and sunny!!!  Yeeee haaa!!!  So, we got our rental...a Cadillac Deville, because I had no leg room in an intermediate car!  So off we went to check into the hotel.  Then it was off to this hamburger place (Carl's Jr) that the girls at Avis told us about.  Wow! Great Burgers!  Friday morning we got up and headed to the show and press brunch.  When we got there I snapped a few pictures in the parking lot!  Then as we were going inside, I spotted Brad Ott's "Swoopy" sitting outside the doors!  Brad and I finally met for the first time!  I have been doing a few sign jobs for him for a couple of years!  So, it was great to meet Brad and his buddy.  They are big fans of this website!  Plus, they like my show coverages!  Ahhh...a little job security!  Anyway, I could ramble on for hours but I want you guys to see the show!  The last car in my coverage will be the winner of "AMERICA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL ROADSTER"!  Come on...Let's hit one of the BEST indoor car shows that I have ever seen!!

Oh yeah...Maryann said, "Hey Kitty Cat….If ya screw up on this show...ya know where yur goin"???"  Yikes!!...Here's the picture...of the "ROCK"!!!

Do you remember this??? 
Before the Christmas Tree, this is what drag racing really looked like!!!
Cool display….

Roadsters were all over in the show.  This was a nice one!!

This '40 Willys Woody was sooooooo nice!!  It was built by two second generation rodders.  They decided to join together and go into business.  You will be hearing lots more about Creative Concepts if they keep building hot rods that are this nice! 

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