Hi All
Here's some pics sent in by Sherm Porter of the San Luis Roadsters 30th Annual Roadster Show held at San Luis, CA, on May 17, 2003.  Sherm's got some really GREAT shots of these GREAT cars that were there.  (A side note from Sherm, The San Luis Roadsters have been in existence since 1970, currently have 8 members, including 2 of the original founders, which I'm proud to be one of.)   Now on with the show…… enjoy the pics!!!!

Club Cars!!!

Frank Currie's '32 Roadster,
world's fastest street driven
@ 205 mph!!!

Eric & Christopher Bracher!!!

Freddie Nelson!

Gene Icardi's Ford 4 Door

Gordon Gearhart!

Jerry Bishop!

Jerry Souza's '33 Roadster, San Jose Roadsters!!!

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