Somernites Cruise
Somerset, KY
June 28, 2003
Pics by Jack Roberts

Hi All
On June 28, the Somernites Group held their 3rd Cruise for 2003 and what a cruise it was.  The weather was perfect and they had a record breaking 1,070 cars in attendance.  This is without question the largest and fastest growing cruise in this part of the country, and if you have ever attended this cruise you know why.  It is conducted so smoothly by such a great group of people who bend over backward to make everyone happy and feel welcome that you can't not come back.  Combine that with such a great gathering of fine cars of every category and WA-LA you've got the perfect cruise.  In addition, they always have some sort of activity planned for the first part of the day, for example, for this cruise they rented a local Drag Strip and made it available to the rodders to make time passes, etc., these guys always have something, they even had a great sounding live band playing during the cruise.  You best hear me and hear me now-the next Cruise will be on July 26, 2003 and that's in Somerset, KY.  So BE THERE-DON'T BE SQUARE, who says that-I say that, I'm Jack Roberts reporting on the good stuff for  Enjoy the pics!!!...Jack!

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