Hey Guys and Gals,
We just got back from the July Somernites Cruise and believe me it was a great one.  This once a month event is growing in leaps and bounds and is rapidly becoming a major event, drawing more and more vendors.  This month my good friends John Bohannon was there displaying his custom fiberglass parts as well as his new all fiberglass '55 Chevy, and Chuck Lowse owner of Lecarra Steering Wheels brought his display trailer as well as his super '33 Ford 3-Win, and there were many other parts vendors as well as many concessions for food and drink.  This is drawing cars from as many as 11 surrounding states.  I'm telling you now if you haven't been there you gotta come and join the fun, if you have been there, I know I'll see you next month on Aug 23rd.  The cars are displayed in the streets from 3pm til 9pm and at that time they start cruising the strip.  We cruised the strip for a while and then stopped at the Dairy Queen and listened to the Band and watched all the dancing, there were two young boys doing the Blues Brothers moves and Dan Akroyd and John Beluchi would have died with envy.  Then we moved on down the strip and caught another party and Band at Audio One, there they had a couple different Bands playing and dancing in the parking lot, they were great and by the time we were able to pry ourselves away from this party it was after 1am and things were still hopping, but when you get my age you can OD on fun, so we decided to call it a night.  You gotta be there to believe it.  Oh, almost forgot, my new '32 3-Win made its first public appearance at this Cruise and it took the Cruise Scene like a duck to water, and it also won the coveted Minnie's Pick Award, mainly because it was lookin' super good and also it's a long walk from Somerset to Manchester, and Minnie decided there was only one choice.  Excellent choice Minnie, trust me.  Now enough of the public relations stuff, let's see some car pics.  See ya'll in Louisville this weekend.  Jack!!!

Bob Hess of Somerset, KY, was
showing off his slick '32 3-Win,
yea, it looks good Bob!

Chuck Lowse's fine '33 Ford!

Chuck Lowse owner of Lecarra
Steering Wheels even brought his
display trailer as well as his Black
Flamed '33 3-Win!

Owner George Duff's car.

Gil Russel from Cincy, OH,
drives his fine '60 Chevy to
all the Somernites Cruises.

Good friends Bob & JoAnn Hess!

Jack Roberts' '32 3-Win Coupe
receiving the Minnie's Pick Award!

Jerry Campbell of Lilly, KY,
was cruising his '55 Nomad!

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