Cruise Nite
Ajax, Ontario, Canada
June 26, 2004
Pics by Mike Lynch

Hi All
As we begin our second summer of covering the local Cruise Nite scene an interesting evening was on the agenda. A couple of cars have been brought out of long hibernation’s. The ‘34 Ford Roadster was built in the early ‘70’s by Paul Dermo, had been sold and put into somebody’s basement recreation room where it sat for 20-25 years until recently purchased.  Once out of hiding the car traded hands quickly and now is being driven once again by Paul Calderone.  This is pure resto rod with all the styling touches of the day.... Dog rad cap... cowl lights... etched flowered wind-wings... grille guard and bumper guards... driving... fog lights and had a spare tire cover... also came with an early set of Maclean wires since removed. The second vehicle is a ‘32 Ford 5-Window Coupe. First time I saw this car was probably in ‘66 and it was parked beside my ‘37 Ford V860 Sedan, called the Bad Banana in the Canadian Motor Club facilities.  When I first saw it, it had a flattie with all the aluminum heads, 3 X 2 intake etc., plus a Halibrand Quick Change. It had been a show car on the local circuit and under the black primer was a custom blue metal flake paint job.  Because nobody, as the story goes, would pay the asking price, the owner primed it in black and sold it.  Later it had a brand new ‘64-’65 Olds 330 cube 310 hp motor installed.  The new owner thru a little misfortune ended up losing the car.  Recently, the newest owner since the ‘70’s, decided it was time to bring it back out once again. This car is very distinctive with it’s canted quad headlights, painted under the fenders show car white, ‘59 Cadillac taillights sunken in, along with sunken aerials. A strip job removing many layers of custom candy paints -- green -- blue panel painting with webs -- metal flake were all removed and painted in acrylic enamel black.  My ‘35 Chevrolet also pictured, was also from the same era and had a blue metal flake paint job when I got it in ‘71. The rose colored ‘35 Ford Panel Truck also pictured was originally built in the early ‘60’s by Dave Repol and after being sold in the ‘70’s and passing thru a couple of owners has since been repurchased by Dave and completely redone with a chop top and a gazillion upgrades. Also pictured is the black ‘32 Ford Hiboy Roadster... I took pics of at Wednesday’s Cruise at Haugens... should have included the history of it, but this Sat nite was special... this car also dates back to the early ‘70’s when it was purchased from Jack Look as a full fendered running car. John Walton sold all the fenders back to Jack and proceeded over these many years of building and acquiring al that vintage stuff on it, to turn it into the Hiboy shown here.  John has finally brought this car back out a couple a years ago.  And the owner of the yellow ‘32 5-Window just keeps improving the car every year.... new So-Cal Buick finned drums and aluminum Vega steering box and more shiney stuff. So with all that history being said it’s on with the show.... Enjoy... “Mad Mike”!!!

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