Autofest 2004
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
August 27-29, 2004
Pics by Mike Lynch
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Hi All
   AUTOFEST 2004...... this is Canada‚Äôs biggest car meet and is spread over 3-days. Held in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada where General Motors builds cars and trucks in a massive facility.  The opening night is held downtown and the main east west road through the heart of Oshawa is blocked off and all the related festivities are centered here for the Friday night free show.  Assorted bands, mayors and dignitaries are on display along with the cars. As you can see from the pictures the crowds were heavily packed on a very humid nite. The host Motor City Car Club had their giant motor home promotional vehicle at a prime spot allowing me to scramble around on top to shoot some elevation shots!!! On with the show!!!  Enjoy!!!  Mad Mike!!!

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