Back to the Fifties was awesome as usual… the Fairgrounds at St. Paul are beautifully laid out and have lots of grass, trees and shade… perfect setting for a Car Show.   And WHAT A CAR SHOW this was !  That 350 acres of fairgrounds was packed !  There were over 10,000 cars registered and at times the rodders were shoulder to shoulder.    Since they allow up to  '62 models there was a wide range of cars at the show and everything from beautiful show cars to rat rods and all in between.  People were having a great time and we were happy to join in the fun.       So sit back and cruise on Back to the Fifties with HotRod HotLine…….

As always the line up starts at the Hotel where lots of rodders were getting their cars ready.

And then the show began….. Our booth looked like this for much of the show…. Lots of rodders !




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