Carl Casper’s ISCA Show
Louisville, KY
February 21, 2004
Pics by Cat Meredith

Hey, Everyone!
I hope that it’s warm or warming in your part of the globe!  We hit Carl Casper’s I.S.C.A. Show in Louisville, KY on Saturday, February 21, 2004.  The weather was cool and so was the show... the crowds... LARGE!  They had the Undertaker from the WWE signing autographs, on another night they had Sable!  Ok... but the cars were the stars too... in fact... let’s go check it out! COME ON SPRING!!!... Your Frozen Connection... Cat!

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Ladies and Gentlemen... I give to you... “Big Wood”! The Big Wood Project!

If you like BRIGHT colors ya gotta love this one!

It’s a ‘95 Chevy Suburban with tons of cool!

“Big Wood” is Brandon Wooden’s pen name at Gauge Magazine where he’s the main squeeze photojournalist!





















The sign has a little of what’s on this WILD ‘burban!

Jim Boitnott from Fairfield, Ohio, had this awesome Jr. Dragster, Dragster Cart & display at the show...

Jim does some WILD paint and graphics on a bunch of boats, hot rods, and streeters!

Musta been a BIG show! Jim had Ron Broerman with him for support!

Here’s a few more cool Jr.’s!





A nice ‘33 Willys was sitting there and the crowd broke so I snapped this one up!

One of Dee Fair’s many impressive rides is this ‘41 Willys cloaked in silver...

Coooooool, huh!!!

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