A Performance Legacy
Pomona, CA
October 2004
Pics by Sam Flowers
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Hi All
     I got a great opportunity handed to me, I attended the media preview of the Edelbrock ‘A Performance Legacy’ exhibit at the Wally Parks Motorsports Museum in Pomona, CA.  This exhibit runs till February 14th, 2005.  I’m always amazed each time I go to the museum and see the fabulous machines that have been saved for posterity. Now we have the chance to see Vic Edelbrock Jr.’s collection of legendary cars and equipment that his father created and passed on to him.  Everyone knows of the Edelbrock name and Vic Jr. was there to tell the history and stories behind the items on display. Living history was there too with Wally Parks and Alex Xydias adding their memories to the Edelbrock legends. Some of the Edelbrock cars present were the Kurtis Kraft Midget, Vic Sr.’s Roadster and others. Take a look and enjoy, I did.  If you are here in So. Cal you got to see this exhibit and museum.  Sam!!!

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