GoodGuys 18th Annual
West Coast Nationals
Pleasanton, CA
August 27-29, 2004
Pics by Sam Flowers
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Hi All
I journeyed up north to Pleasanton for GoodGuys, West Coast Nationals, August 27-29, 2004, over 3,000 cars were present.  Weather was great but pretty hot. A couple of the cars present should be Hot Wheels cars, if anybody knows someone there show them. Had a great time, can’t wait for Scottsdale! Sam!!!

Tim Kerrigan’s low slung ‘Red Line Roadster’ - a blood red ‘33 Ford, won the 2004 GoodGuys America’s Most Beautiful Street Rod award at the GoodGuys 18th West Coast Nationals. Kerrigan, president of Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation (Benicia, CA.), was thrilled with the honor.   I’m especially excited for Leonard Lopez & Dominator, as this could be their biggest honor to date. The Thom Taylor-designed roadster was built by Leonard Lopez & his team at Dominator Street Rods around a custom chassis that features Formula car-style suspension.  Congratulations Tim!!!

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