GoodGuys Get-Together
Pleasanton, CA
November 14, 2004
Pics by Brian Basquez
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Hi All
     Went to the GoodGuys Get-Together in Pleasanton, California this past weekend and it was a real good turnout.  There were a few cars that I had not seen this year and I’m assuming that they are new on the scene. Breaking them in for next year!  Anyway, I drove my Roadster down on Friday for the indoor show.  I had to work on Saturday, but I got to take some pics on Sunday afternoon for everyone to see. Thank God the weather was rain free on Sunday too, because I drove back from Pleasanton to Sacramento and it traditionally rains at this event.  Enjoy the pics!!! Brian!!!

This was a coooool get-together, huh!!!  Some very nice rides there!!!
That’s all folks!!!  We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!!!
THANKS Brian for taking and sending us these WONDERFUL pics
to share with everyone, we appreciate it!!!

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