GoodGuys Show
Tallahassee, FL
March 2004
Pics by Bruce &
Janelle Morris

Hi All
We spent 9 days in LA and in that time we met Gil Palmer and his wife, who are extremely nice people. Gil introduced us to a friend of his, Terry Berzenye from Specialized Street Rods at Huntington Beach.  He was very helpful and I think we have struck up quite a friendship.  Both Gil and Terry were extremely helpful and Terry showed us around while we were there. In LA we went to a few cruise nights, car shows, swap meets, car shops, and other touristy things. We then flew over to Florida to see Janelle’s brother and spent nearly 3 weeks in Florida. We drove from Fort Myers to Tallahassee via Miami, Orlando and Daytona Beach. We saw heaps of alligators on the side of road in the Everglades.  Went to Disneyworld and drove along Daytona Beach and heaps of other interesting adventures along the way to Tallahassee for the GoodGuys Show.   Hope you will enjoy the pics!!! Many thanks Bruce & Janelle Morris!!!

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