Hot August Nights
Car Show
Reno, NV
July 31 - August 8, 2004
Pics by Les Bateman
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Hi All
Every year the Hot August Nights Car Show in Reno is the one we most look forward to.  My friends and I drove up from the San Fernando Valley, me in my ‘55 Chevy and George in his ‘65 Mustang ragtop (who says Chevy and Ford guys can’t get along?). We arrived Saturday evening and started off the week by attending the pre-show in downtown Reno on Sunday.  During the week there are so many events scheduled that it’s just not possible to cover them all, but we certainly gave it a try.  Cruise-ins are held at the Hilton, Atlantis, and Peppermill hotels and then there’s the cruise nights in Sparks and between venues.  There’s also the Silver Car Auction, Poker Run and Poker Walk as well as the indoor/outdoor swap meet and of course lots of live entertainment all over town. Did I mention cars?, 5,000 registered participants and many more just cruising around. That’s just a sample of the happenings.  The week just flew by and we’re already preparing for next year. Enjoy the pictures!!!  Les!!!

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