Hanging Dice Reunion
Fort Smith, AR
August 27-29, 2004
Pics by Carrie Rahm
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Hi All
   Got back from Fort Smith and we had a great time.  We left early Friday morning, got to Fort Smith, AR., and immediately got lost!!! We finally found the park where the show was, and thankfully the show and shine for the afternoon was going on, otherwise we would have NEVER found our hotel.  We rolled into Fort Smith at NOON, found the park a little after 1 pm and got to the hotel at 1:30 pm!!!  From then on we had a wonderful time.
   We sweltered in the heat Friday, it was really hot when we got there, and was really glad that evening there was a shin dig going on at Midland Bowling Alley.  It really was kinda cool, they roped off a section of the parking lot for the cars, so we browsed that lot several times as folks came rolling in.  There was Karoke in the restaurant, and Cosmic bowling going on.  I had never been in a darkened bowling alley, with black lights, the bowling balls glowed wonderfully under the black lights, and the bowling shoes were green and orange (to match the balls).  Even my nail polish glowed in the dark and as luck I decided on a wild shade of orange, my nails match the shoes and bowling balls!!! Very Cool!
   The show and shine Saturday morning got off to a bad start, we got to the park at 8am and they were threatening thunderstorms, those came blowing in at 8:30 am and it rained/poured and drizzled till about 1:30 pm!!! I did get a chance to get some nice shots of some very nice cars without having to fight folks to get to the car, and as you will see, I did a pretty good job with one-handed camera shots, cause the other hand was busy holding the umbrella.  I met some very nice folks who invited me in under their cover when the skies decided to go from drizzle to downpour, I got to know Big C and got a lot of nice shots of his awesome yellow ‘58 truck. Big C brought this other car to the Drive-In last night, but he was busy cruising and without fail, when he pulled into the Drive-In, I didn’t have my camera and by the time I ran to the car and got it, he was gone!!!  This went on till it was so dark I couldn’t get a picture.  I was very seriously thinking about wringing his neck because this ‘58 Chevy Convertible Custom was absolutely stunning, just like this truck!!!  Big C blew me away!!!
   Anyway once the sun was out everyone started showing up and by the time the show and shine was over at 4 pm there was a nice little turn out. Then at 7 pm last night we all went to the Dairy Freeze for an evening of fun, music, and cruising. We met a guy from California who also had one of the coolest trucks we ever laid eyes on, check out the flames right in the metal!!! Dan was kind enough and also very patient when we decided to join the cruisers (Kool Kat has straight pipes and we decided to do a few fly-bys with the pipes talking).  Unfortunately, we threw a belt in the process, and it took Roundman awhile to fix it, and Dan stayed there with our chairs till we finally got back.
   Then we woke up in the morning to a glorious day, the sun was out, the temps were very tolerable, and we had a great morning. We were going to enter the Kat in the Limbo contest, but unfortunately when they called for the contestants, we were out of earshot of the DJ, and by the time we realized it the contest had already started, good thing we didn’t enter, a couple of road hugging hot rods (one was a rat rod, the other was a custom rod called VooDoo Spider, VooDoo won!!).  The rat rod was finished just in time for this show and lives right here in Wichita.  We know the guys who built it and Jack and Troy spent most of the weekend ironing out the bugs and in the process every time they made a pass thru the park, you couldn’t hear yourself think!!! I have a picture of Jack and Troy’s efforts.  Sorry, I never got around to taking a pic of VooDoo.  If Jack had just made his Naked Lady shifter and carburator stacks just an inch shorter, he would have won!!!  VooDoo won at 3 feet 4 1/2 inches.
   It was a fun weekend and we can’t wait to go back next year!!! So, without further ado, pictures!!! Carrie!!!

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