Dealer Expo 2004
Indianapolis, IN
February 14-16, 2004
Pics by Ray Schuler

Hi All
Here’s some great pics sent by Ray Schuler of the Dealer Expo 2004 held in Indianapolis, Indiana, on February 14-16, 2004.  Ray’s got a lot of shots of the dealers and bikes that were present. Looks like Ray and everyone had a great time!!!  So, without further ado, let’s get on with viewing the Expo!!! Enjoy!!!

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Arlen Ness built this AWESOME, Unique ‘57 Chevy styled custom bike back in the ‘90’s and it’s still Ray’s all-time favorite!!!

Here’s a back view!!!

Fins just like the car!!!

Pretty coooooool, huh?!!

Now, this really says it all!!!













Ohhhh, here’s some helmets, just take your pick!!!

















Check out this table!!!

And here’s some stools to go with the table!!!



Looks like everyone is getting ready!!!






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