Long Beach Swap Meet
Long Beach, CA
March 14, 2004
Pics by Mike Levy

Hi All
Here’s some pics sent by Mike Levy of the Long Beach Swap Meet on March 14, 2004 at Long Beach, California.  And you’ll never guess who he ran into?!! Jack and Mary Ann Lawford!!! Looks like they had all kinds of stuff there for everyone! You can probably tell the weather looked a little over cast, but it still seemed nice there! Well let’s get on with the swap meet!!! Enjoy!!!

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Here’s Mary Ann, Jack (on the right), and Ray!

‘50’s Vintage Fire Pedal Truck!

Need a manifold?!

Custom Rear Ends!

‘33 Ford 4-Door!

‘46 Vintage Fireplug!

Ford Model T - $5,500!!!

Rear Pumpkins!

















Chevrolet UTE!


Cool color!











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