Maxton Show
Lumberton, NC
June 26, 2004
Pics by A.B. Shuman

Hi All
   Bonneville is the last refuge of Americaís true speed freaks, but, conditions permitting, itís only available for at most a few weeks late each summer.  Californians going for top end can also run at the famed El Mirage dry lake about eight times a year at SCTA-sanctioned meets. For Easterners, though, thereís lesser-known Maxton and East Coast Timing Association.  More properly Maxton-Laurinburg Airport, just west of Lumberton, NC., Maxton is most of all, a trip back in time.  The concrete runways were built in Ď43 to train Army glider pilots for D-Day, but now itís mostly where old passenger jets go to die and the Golden Knights parachute team often practices.  But six times a year - the final weekends of April through June, September, October (the break being for Bonneville runners) -- itís where speed-possessed folks see what their cars, trucks and motorcycles will do. Runway length limits runs to a mile of acceleration before the timing traps, grass grows between the concrete slabs, the surface is showing its age and thereís a slight dogleg after the start. But, safety is paramount and the boys and girls running there go like crazy. And, as one might expect, given the premium on fast acceleration, versus the miles available to build-up speed on The Salt and at El Mirage, at Maxton the bikes hold sway. The June meet is traditionally a warmup for Bonneville (Maxton tech inspections are accepted by the Bonneville crew). Despite heavy rains forecast (and delivered), this Juneís meet drew entries from Canada to Florida and as far west as Iowa.  Enjoy...... A.B.!!!    

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The sign on Airbase Rd., ainít fancy & is easy to miss, but
50 yards & a left turn later, youíre 50 years back in
time, spiritually.



One of the first sights this time was a trio of Florida-based
all-weather rods, including this Ď23 T with many
race-car touches.















This Ď29 Pickup went for short look, but was buttoned up against the rain.















Belle of the Brawl:  Dupreeís Racing tiny silver thingie
started life as a Honda 600.

Hereís a closer look!

The engine is unusual, too:  a 4.0-liter Olds Aurora crate motor, less computers.





With a single 850-cfm 4 barrel, it ran 170 mph.

Slick GM F-body cars (Camaros and Firebirds) are
popular among the new iron.  Brett Yates & wife Regan,
past Maxton points champs, turned in their Chevy-powered
stretched Ď27 T (featured in Rod & Custom) for one.  Still
being sorted out, it already runs in the mid 180ís.

Hereís a view of the inside of Yates C/Gas Altered.

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