25th Annual
Roam’n Relics Car Show
Moorpark, CA
October 24, 2004
Pics by Les Bateman
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Hi All
     Last year the Roam’n Relics Moorpark Car Show was canceled due to the horrible fires that covered Southern California.  This year the Roam’n Relics returned with their 25th Annual show and the show came back stronger than ever!
     My friends and I showed up at 6:30am as the gates were scheduled to open at 7; upon arrival there were already a long line of cars, but not to worry as the Roam’n Relics were well organized, opened up 10 minutes early and quickly got the cars parked and in position.
     Based on the registration numbers there were 400+ cars in attendance. The money raised by this event helps to support many Ventura County charities and the Roam’n Relics had great raffle prizes and one very large 50/50 giveaway.  The public and all of us who brought our cars out had a great time and we’re definitely looking forward to next year’s show!!! Enjoy the pics!!!  Les!!!

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