Loose Caboose Festival
Paragould, AR
May 15, 2004
Pics by Steve Hansen

Hi All
   Itís Saturday and I need to get out and do some rodding. Unfortunately my Ď32 Roadster is being upholstered and I might as well be rodless.  What to do? Well there is a show up in Paragould, part of the Loose Caboose Festival.  Think Iíll run up and take some pictures for HotRod HotLine.  but first, I think Iíll stop at the Front Page Cafe for a Hungry Man Special.
   Thatís how my morning started and it turned out to be a pretty good rodding day. On the way out of the Cafe I almost tripped over a Noble M12 GTO. These things are rare, expensive and very hot!  So I went to the truck and fetched my camera. After snapping a couple for you I motored on up to Paragould.
   The Loose Caboose show has a reputation for attracting good cars.  And this year was no exception.  I have photographed most of the cars in attendance for previous HotRod HotLine features. But there were some ďnewĒ cars in attendance that caught my cameraís lens.
   On the way home I noticed the gate at Darwinís Hot Rod Shop was open.  I pulled in and found Darwin thrashing on his latest personal ride, a LS1 powered Kreative Rod Werks Ď39 Studibaker.  Darwin is highly regarded in the MidSouth for his flames. So I spent a little time watching the master lay down the fire. Itís going to be hot.  Look for it on this yearís Power Tour.
   Marty Lillyís shop is a mile or so away. Marty is a local rodder with a reputation for high quality home shop built rods. His current project is a Ď47 Ford Coupe turned convertible with a lift off Carson top.  The engine and chassis are almost completed and I got a couple of pictures for you.  Itís going to be RED.
   Martyís Ď47 body is at fellow rodder Roger Copeís home shop for paint prep.  Rogerís place is a bit out of the way but I decided to stop by and check on the progress.  A little rough now. But Roger will have it slick as a grease coated pig in no time.  Note the bobbed trunk lid and raised rear deck in the last photo. There is always something trick on Martyís rides.
   From Rogerís I cruised across town in my old Dakota. Had the window down and I made motor noises all the way. Would have preferred to be in my roadster but sometimes you just have to make do.  Now letís get on with viewing the pics!!! Enjoy...... Steve!!!

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Noble M12 GTO!

Noble M12 GTO!

Hereís the Noble M12 GTO I almost tripped over!

Hereís part of the back & side of the Noble M12 GTO!

Here's the start of Paragould!!!  Cool!!!

Here's the start of Paragould!!! Cool!!!























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