Rally Round the
Troops Show
Lakewood, CO
July 17, 2004
Pics by Terrylee Page

Hi All
Here’s the pics of the “Rally Round the Troops” street rod show held in Lakewood (suburban Denver), Colorado, at Country Manor at the White Fence Farm on July 17, 2004.  The show was sponsored by Kurowski Homes and put on by “Street Rods, Ltd., Colorado”, a brand new street rod club that’s only about 90 days old!  This was an incredible event for a first show by a brand new club! And it was done to support two companies of troops in Iraq. The show took in donations of almost $4,700 and after expenses the proceeds will be used to send these troop companies many items they need from home to make it a little more bearable to be in the desert.  Plus a few rodding magazines from members of the club, of course! The show was combined with an Open House for a custom homebuilder, with beautiful homes starting in the $700’s. So everyone found street rods parked in the driveways and garages of these new model homes....  What fun, new homes to tour while checking out all the beautiful street rods.... something for everyone to enjoy!   Now for the show!!!   Enjoy..... Alan & Terrylee Page!!!

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