The Road Agentís
Rockabilly Rumble
East Hartford, CT
July 16-17, 2004
Pics by Audrey Fitting

Hi All
This show was held in East Hartford, CT., put on by The Road Agents. The show is called The Rockabilly Rumble.  Itís basically a no-show chrome show... with an early Ď50ís flair. Itís the primered car show of all time.  If you have nice paint, you actually look out of place.  There are a few colored primered jobs.... they really get into it.  There are a few of the pretty cars that were there.  The purple car with the neat touches is owned by Ralph Levesque from Madison, CT., and the yellow roadster is owned by Felix Compo. Enjoy the show..... Audrey!!!

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Short but swwwwweeeet!!! This is sooooo cooooool, huh!!!  Weíve
come to the end and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!!!
THANKS Audrey for taking and sending us ALL these GRRRREAT pics
so we could share them with everyone, we really appreciate it!!!

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