The Road Agentís Rumble
Elksí Lodge
East Hartford, CT
July 16-17, 2004
Pics by A.B. Shuman

Hi All
   The Road Agentís Hot Rod and Rockabilly Rumble is not so much a car event as a lifestyle happening. It blends non-cookie-cutter cars with blazing rockabilly music and bowling-shirt-and-tattoo chic. Even the soft goods (i.e., non-rusty-metal) vendors have edgy gear on sale. Whether it represents a Late Ď40ís America subculture that may not have really existed is not the point, though.  Having fun is.  As has been recent practice, the 6th Annual rendition started Friday afternoon with amped-up rockabilly bands and swung into Saturday with a car show that typically left most of the shiny cars in the parking lot (making for a pretty good show in itself). To get onto the grass field inner sanctum, you had to have a tradition hot rod -- maybe a half-step above a rat rod -- or a Ď50ís-style custom.  The more radical, the better. There was plenty of gray primer and lots of flames (both painted and shooting from oversized exhausts), many, many flatheads, tons of carburetors and superchargers, but few fenders. The music continued, with bands like Wendy LeBeau and Her Beaus and local faves, the Gamma Rays.  Among the show rules:  no billet or tweed and (except for the couple of slingshot dragsters on hand) no trailer riders.  So, pretty much everything had to be driven in. That included Scott Caveís barking blown Hemi altered Bantam drag roadster, which he lurched in, and out.
   Each year the event grows in size -- this time the cars and cats with tatts drove to Hartford from as far as Canada, Indiana, and Virginia -- and the field was chock-a-block with one-of-a-kind iron, so, there was talk of moving to a larger venue next time around.  To keep posted, do that thing.  Enjoy..... AB!!!

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