The Santa Rosa Park
Car Show
San Luis Obispo, CA
May 2004
Pics by Wayne Bolon

Hi All
“The Santa Rosa Park Car Show” in San Luis Obispo, CA. Nearly 300 hot rods turned out to show their great rides, looking like a sea of wild flowers across the vast expanse of the green glass.  What a sight! Great rides with flames, big engines, open cars, closed cars, there was something for every taste. Clubs are a big part of this show, the L.A. Roadsters having 20 of their cool rides coming up north for the show in SLO. The local roadster club did a good job putting on the event. Don’t miss this show!  The 2005 show will be May 13-15. So let’s get on with the show!!! Enjoy.... Wayne “Cruiser” Bolon!!!

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Hey, this was a coool show!!!  Looks like everyone
was having a blast!!!  That’s all folks!!! We hope all
of you enjoyed it as much as we did!!!
THANKS Wayne for taking and sending us ALL
these GREAT pics to share with everyone!!!

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