Goody’s Halloween
Car Show
St. Charles, IL
October 31, 2004
Pics by Dick Fuerholzer
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Hi All
     Here’s some pics from the Goody’s Halloween Car Show held October 31, 2004 in St. Charles, Illinois. The weather was super in the 60’s, plenty of sunshine. There was 174 cars at the show, with lots of people in costumes. The 50/50 was $680 and they gave two prizes of $174 to the car owners.  Ron did a good job putting it on and Goody’s Drive-In had great food and all the soda you could drink to the car owners.  Enjoy ........ Dick ‘Fuzzy’ Fuerholzer!!!!!

What a cooooool Halloween show!!!  Did everyone check out some of the
costumes, wicked, huh?!! Well that’s all folks!!! We hope everyone enjoyed it!!!
THANKS Dick ‘Fuzzy’ for taking and sending us these WONDERFUL pics to
share with everyone out there, we appreciate it!!!

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