Syracuse Nationals
Syracuse , NY
July  2004
Pictures by
Jack Lawford

     The Syracuse Nationals are just a memory now….. But a great one !   This show just keeps getting better each year.    Of course with us, the trip is part of the whole experience.  Jack is always on the prowl for old cars,  parts,  etc. and I think he can smell a rod a mile away.     We have driven through Wyoming more times than I can count on our way to car shows…. And look…. He still finds an old building that looks like it might have cars in it that he has to  check out….

One of these buildings was chuck full of old Volkswagen motors …..   But Hey…. There might have been something good in one of them and we would have had to hunt down the owner to get a better look…..

And see that… no it's not a prairie landscape …. It's a whole bunch of cars !   We didn't chase this one down but bet we will on the way home from Louisville  !

We got off at Green River, Wyoming because Jack could just "smell" cars….  Came across this old gas station. The pumps were  still there but the fronts of them had been taken off.

Then we spot it….. The " Car Guy"  in town…. He has several cars parked out on the street so Jack wanders in to see what else he has….   

And that was how Jack met  Regis Mehal of Green River Wyoming….  Regis is retired now from FMC and has lots of cars to work on…..   It seems that no matter where we stop we can find a fellow rodder and after just a few minutes of shooting the breeze it feels as if we knew them for years…..  We're  all from the same mold and when we start talking cars all  the walls come down.     Regis was a great guy to meet and we'll probably stop in and see him again .  Thanks for sharing your great spot on the prairie with us !

Cars cars everywhere….  Looks familiar !




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