Annual Performance World
Custom Car & Truck Show
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March 5-7, 2004
Pics by Adam Kieft

Hi All
   Here’s some pics I took of the Annual Performance World Custom Car & Truck Show held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on March 5-7, 2004. I hope all of you will enjoy them.
   Thank you guys for making the best rodding site ever! I love it so much that I go on it everyday at school and keep on getting kicked out of the library because it’s not “school work”. But the next day I’m on it again!  Happy Motoring!!! Adam Kieft, from Ontario, Canada!

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A very nice ‘34 Ford “Sudden” Delivery!



One of the nicest ‘39 Fords I have ever seen.

What a Car!!!













A very BAD Chevy!

Front view!

A very nice ‘35 Chevy Sedan!

Nice front view!

An awesome Willys!

One of my favorite cars!

A nice truck!

And a neat display!





A very neat way of getting air into the motor!



A nostalgic gasser Willys. Very Cool!

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