Various Car Shows
In ‘03 & ‘04
Mark Van Buskirk’s
‘32 Roadster


Hi All
Here’s a collection of various car shows sent in by Mark Van Buskirk that were taken in 2003 and a few of 2004, of Mark’s ‘32 Roadster. Mark is lucky enough to own a very famous historic roadster and nice enough to share it with us! Check out the shows he’s visited with this great car ~ looks like the show judges love that car as much as we do ~ So without further ado, let’s get on with viewing.  Enjoy!!!

Here’s a few pictures of the car from various venues that I attended in 2003.

Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance... Just driving out onto the 18th fairway is a lifetime achievement for any car collector. Although the car was not awarded a Class award I receive an award from Edsel B. Ford II for preserving hot rod history on the 100th anniversary of FoMoCo. The class, titled “Road Racing Rods” was curated by hot rod expert Ken Gross and judged by Dan Gurney, Don Montgomery, and Don Prieto along with Mr. Gross.  This particular roadster was eligible because it participated in a “Hot Rod vs Sports Car” challenge at the Davis Motor Car factory in Van Nuys which was covered in Hot Rod Magazine in May of 1949.

The Amelia Island Concours (March 2003). The car was awarded First in Class at this prestigious concours which was hampered by an unexpected deluge.  Fortunately the sun came out after the awards ceremony and we were able to get the car out of the Intercity Lines truck for a photo session for “The Rodder’s Journal” by Steve Coonan.

The TyRods Reunion in Massachusetts in September 2003.  Seeing as Dave Simard of East Coast Custom, who is responsible for the impeccable resurrection of this journeyman dry lakes roadster over the course of 5 years, is a TyRods member. We were there early and received priority parking!

Dry lakes shot!!!

The AACA Eastern National Meet at Hershey, PA. the car was entered in Class 24A, which is a race vehicle class and by definition is eligible as such. It has been certified by the AACA as a historic race car and won a Junior First National Prize. Incidentally, by appearing at Hershey and labeled correctly as a “hot rod” this car has a sorta fueled a heated debate in the AACA about designating a Class 37 specifically for “historic hot rods”. This debate has been aired extensively ever since October in the letters to the editor of “Old Cars Weekly” and has prompted letters from hot rod notables such as Brock Yates and Ken Gross, along with some AACA stalwarts who are vehemently opposed to “impure” hot rods.

The Grand National Roadster Show at San Mateo in January 2003.  Why not enter a “real” hot rod in the quest for the title “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster”. Here I received the coveted “Bruce Meyer Preservation Award” and a runner up trophy in the AMBR competition.

The “Concours on Rodeo” at Beverly Hills on Father’s Day 2003.  That’s Jim Khougaz, the original builder/driver in the car on a carpeted Rodeo Drive. The car won First in Class even though it was parked next to what is argueably the “best” hot rod in the world, Bruce Meyer’s Doane Spencer car, which had garnered First in Class at the first appearance of Hot Rods at Pebble Beach in 1997.

The Grand National Roadster Show at Pomona in 2004.  What the heck! Since the car was from Southern California this second appearance was a homecoming for the car and I received a Class award.

Scott Williamson Portrait!

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