Vintique’s Rod Run
Watertown, SD
September 11, 2004
Pics by Ken Long
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Hi All
     I know this is kind of late for September, but my computer is like my car, Antique! Anyway, I drove the Sedan over to the Vintique’s Rod Run over in Watertown, SD (400 miles) and man what a show.  It’s a 3-day event during the 2nd weekend of September. It starts on Friday with registration and you get fed, courtesy of the Vintique’s.  Saturday starts early with garage tours.  We loaded 6 school buses full and toured 6 of approximately 40-50 shops in this town that are building or have built rods. These are not your everyday garages either.  Some of them were nicer than my house.  Then in the afternoon was the show and shine downtown main drag and then after that was a pork roast at the campground. Sunday ended with the awards.  The hospitality couldn’t have been better. I couldn’t begin to explain the caliber of this event but let me tell you it was awesome. Only thing is I didn’t really do it justice with the pics I took.  It was well worth the 400 mile trip in a loud, cramped, Big Block Caddy powered ‘29 HotRod Sedan.  If you haven’t heard about this you should think about attending!!! Enjoy the pics..... Ken Long, Rapid City, SD!!!

Wow, this was great!!! That’s all we have folks!!!  We hope everyone
had fun checking out all these great rides as much as we did!!!
THANKS Ken for taking and sending us these GRRREAT pics so
that we could share them with everyone, we appreciate it!!!

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