West Coast Kustoms
Cruisin’ Nationals
Paso Robles, CA
June 11-12, 2004
Pics by Wayne Bolon

Hi All
Like a swarm of bees returning to the hive, so the Kustoms and real Hot Rods return to “Paso” every year. It all starts on Friday with a killer cruise night, like so many fire flies glittering in the night, 26 blocks of cruising kustoms and hot rods.  Everywhere you look cruise fans are lined along both sides of the cruise route. Check out the A&W Root Beer Drive-In at 24th Street, full of hot rat rods and cool kustoms. When the band “Hot Rod Trio” starts to play, the A&W really rocks.  On Saturday the park is bumper to bumper of my favorite rides hot rods and kustoms.  Check out the barn fresh ‘32 Ford Roadster, what a find! A knockout model show put on by West Coast Kustoms member Don Graham.  Bo Hopkins and Candy Clark of “American Graffiti” signing autographs. Check out the picture of Bo and Cindy talking to Rick Perry of the San Francisco Rod & Custom show. So if you like revved-up rockabilly music, hot rods, kustoms and cruising, “Paso” is the place! Look for the 2005 Cruising Nationals on Memorial Day.  Enjoy.... Wayne “Cruiser” Bolon!!!

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