Boyd Coddington Belterra Casino
Belterra, Indiana
October 16,  2005
Pictures By Cat (Art) Meredith
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Wow! What a surprise! My sister-in-law Judy told me that Boyd Coddington was coming to the Belterra Casino in southern Indiana. It's about a 90 minute drive or so from Cincinnati. So, I let Maryann know that my brother and I were going. So... here we are... it was a GREAT time because we got to go in with the press and see Boyd and his lovely wife Jo. I got to talk to Boyd and Jo for awhile. These two are great for our hobby. They are very nice and do things for others that you may not know about.  In case you didn't know, they started The Coddington Foundation... I will try to tell you what I know about later... but let's checkout what was going on at the Belterra Casino... Oh... if you ever want to go to a beautiful and fun place you need to go to the Belterra!   Happy Halloween!


Look at Doby Wilson's cool hot rod sitting on that beautiful carpet!


Bob Oney's flamed '34 Ford was lookin' HOT!


Billy Grobe's wife let him bring out his awesome '37 Cabriolet. Would this be a dyn-O-mite place for a car show! (hint) Everyone at the Belterra seemed to love looking at the cool hot rods.  It's a GREAT way to promote our hobby!


 Al & Julie had their super cool street rod at this event. All these street rods pictured here are driven... alot!  We all had lunch together and had just a great time!




Group Picture by Ron's hot rod! Left to Right...Ron, Doby, Boyd, Jo, Bob, Billy & Al...


Group Picture by Al's hot rod! Ron, Doby, Boyd, Bob, Jo, Billy & Al...


Group Picture By Billy's Hot Rod...Rear... Boyd, Bob, Al, Doby.  Front... Jo, Billy, Ron


Group Picture by Bob's Hot Rod...Front... Doby, Ron, Bob, Jo. Rear... Al, Billy, Boyd


Group Picture by Doby's Hot Rod...Billy, Al, Bob, Doby, Jo, Boyd, Ron


A banner that was on the wall in the Ballroom! There were several of these! People at the Belterra were on the gas! They even had tablecloths with flames on the tables!  They were awesome hosts!










People waiting in line to see Boyd, Jo & the hot rods!


Here's Boyd standing next to Ron Howard's cool hot rod while talking to the group. All the cars there belonged to the Cincy Street Rods members. I just can't tell you how much fun it was.



The Coddington Foundation™ was established in 2005 by Boyd and wife, Jo Coddington to help children with life-threatening medical conditions experience their dreams. Additionally, the foundation provides work opportunities, job experience, and financial sponsorship for mentally challenged adults, as well as raises funds for other non-profit organizations through benefit car shows, and by auctioning off a custom-built hot rod every two years. A great time was had by everyone that attended... I would like to thank everyone at the Belterra Casino for having Boyd & Jo and the cars owners for this event... Let's do it again!  Cat




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