Cub Scout pack 3663 8th Annual Cubs And Cars Show
May 15, 2005
Simi Valley, CA
Pictures By Bob DeCarlo
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Hi all..... On May 15,2005 Cub Scout Pack 3663 held their 8th Annual Cubs & Cars car show. This year it was held at Simi High School in Simi Valley. As you will see there was a variety of cars and motorcycles to enjoy. The weather was just right in the mid 70's.  Thank God the show was held on the 15th as starting the next week the temperature got up to the high 90's and low 100's.  Dodged (can't help it I'm a Mopar fan) a bullet on that one.  My son Nick was in town,  so not only did I enjoy the show but I also had his company and that made it a double enjoyment. To sum it up it was a day of fun in the sun and I'm looking forward to next years 9th annual.  So take a look and enjoy the pictures. "THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKING TO IT."

nuCubs&Cars1 050001

nuCubs&Cars1 050002

nuCubs&Cars1 050003

nuCubs&Cars1 050004

nuCubs&Cars1 050005

nuCubs&Cars1 050006

nuCubs&Cars1 050007

nuCubs&Cars1 050008

nuCubs&Cars 050001

nuCubs&Cars 050002

nuCubs&Cars 050003

nuCubs&Cars 050004

nuCubs&Cars 050005

nuCubs&Cars 050006

nuCubs&Cars 050007

nuCubs&Cars 050008

nuCubs&Cars 050009

nuCubs&Cars 050010

nuCubs&Cars 050011

nuCubs&Cars 050012

nuCubs&Cars 050013

nuCubs&Cars 050014

nuCubs&Cars 050015

nuCubs&Cars 050016





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