LaSalle Car Show
LaSalle, Illinois
August 21, 2005
Pictures By Dick �Fuzzy� Fuerholzer
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Here are photos of the La Salle Downtown Car show held on Sunday August 21, 2005 sponsored by the Illinois Valley Rodders.  They had 180 cars in attendance in conjunction with the Reunion held downtown for 50 years of the Illinois Valley Mis-Fires. The weather was beautiful and the downtown glowed with car lovers, each looking at there special car!


Senior Citzens?

Wild Yellow Ranchero

Old LaSalle Squad Car

Sam's 56

Tall T

Willie Nelson Corvette

Low Rider

Marges Chevy

Scholles Nova

Jones Convertible

Millers Camaro


Downtown Crowd

Custom Shops 57'

Dennis's 58'


Downtown View

Nice Pony

Downtown Reunion

Thank you Fuzzy for the pictures of the LaSalle Car Show.  There were a lot of special cars.




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