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36th Annual NSRA
Street Rod Nationals
Louisville, KY
August 4-7, 2005
Pics by Al Liebmann
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Hi All,  Just got back from the �36th Annual NSRA Street Rod Nationals�..... the �BIGGIE of all EVENTS�!... What else can I say but �WOW�... over 11,000+ registered rides on the Kentucky State Fairgrounds from end to end !. This event seems to bring out more and more of the best each year. ... Seems like every time you turn you see something that hot... and a hot one goes by. You name the of vendors they were there in Freedom Hall and the swap meet is still jammed with everything you need. There's always a group of the �GREAT 8 Finalist from the 2005 Riddler� just to name a few of the pros. I was impressed with Mike Bruns Model A called "SinWag'n" and Dee Fair cool looking Willys ..just to name a few. The weather was back to normal "HHH" ( hazy,hot & humid in the high 90's ) We had a brief excitement on Friday when a torrential rain came in with hail late in the day... I had the opportunity to finally meet Cat, Mike Levy & Ray but still looking for Jack & Minnie Roberts..! I can go on and on, so let�s get movin� with the pics......... Hope you NJoy!!!.... Big Al!!!

nuNSRA NATS 05 979

nuNSRA NATS 05 980

nuNSRA NATS 05 983

nuNSRA NATS 05 675

nuNSRA NATS 05 879

nuNSRA NATS 05 876

nuNSRA NATS 05 872

nuNSRA NATS 05 873

nuNSRA NATS 05 968

nuNSRA NATS 05 969

nuNSRA NATS 05 970

nuNSRA NATS 05 971

nuNSRA NATS 05 972

nuNSRA NATS 05 973



nuNSRA NATS 05 444

nuNSRA NATS 05 445

nuNSRA NATS 05 446

nuNSRA NATS 05 910

nuNSRA NATS 05 911

nuNSRA NATS 05 912

nuNSRA NATS 05 913








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